Edge of the Empire - Character Sheet - Form Fillable

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Screenshot Example

I couldn't find form fillable PDF's that I was happy with so I dove in. I made it in Acrobat DC so I've only been able to confirm that it will work 100% as intended in the same software. On top of being form-fillable I also made some of my preferred modifications:

- Added the Force Characteristic
- Removed the background for a more printer friendly experience
- Added Career skill pips
- Added room for detailed special notes on Skills in ultra-small text.
- Added Skill rank pips
- Rescaled Weapon form fields
- Moved the Equipment Log
- Added room for two more obligations
- Removed Notable-Features to make room for Character Art field
- Rescaled Critical Injuries field
- Removed Talents panel in favor of talent sheets being separate sheets and the skill notes section
- Added full form functionality with a combination of optimal and auto font size
- Added hover-over tool-tips

I'm going to be using it for printing between home games and playing on Discord with the amazing dicebot SkyJedi made.

Inaugural Post

So, my first blog post. Not really sure what to write here. Right now the only reason I'm even writing anything is so my home screen can have a post to portray from the blog.

Got a lot stuff I'm going to be needing to add to this site. Next thing I'm most interested in adding is a possible hub for the games I play. So games like Mertoth, and Shadowrun Stories have a new central place to revolve around. Places to put things like in game calendars, session calendars, and interesting posts.